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Tring Year 8 entry


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Hi All, Congrats to all who have great results and to others use this as a push to keep on succeeding, dancing and enjoying it.


Is there anyone out there that have had boarding offers for Tring yr 8 dance? or is it all just day offers?


DD has funding audition to do but wondering what the protocol is as we are not able to be day as too far away but she has been offered day place. 


Trying to establish how many there may be in the mds audition aswell.



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Hi, all places in the first round of offers at Tring are day places, as far as I know. If your DD secures a funded place, then a boarding place will also be awarded - the MDS students automatically get boarding places.

My DD is in year 7 with an MDS, and her initial offer after the first audition was a day place with the funding audition. Following the funding audition she was awarded the funding and the boarding place together. All MDS students currently in year 7/first form are boarders.

I know of several girls attending the year 8 funding audition. If it helps, there do seem to be more places in each year as you progress up the school. There are only 8 dancers in first form this year, but about 13 in second form.

Good luck at the MDS auditions.

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