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Tring CBA Video Audition 2021

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Hello everyone! I am new on this forum but have found some threads very helpful so decided to put this question to all the knowledgeable people here.

I have just received the Tring online audition guidelines for March 2021. My daughter is only 7 years old and starting to work on RAD Grade 2. I forwarded the audition requirements (for the video) to her teacher who said that some exercises are more like Grade 4 syllabus. 
Does anyone know if the video requirements are different for different age groups or are they the same for everyone? I am trying to establish if a 7 year old is expected to know such complicated content ... then we might not even try.

Thank you! 

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Hi everyone! Another newbie here! My daughter is also doing the virtual auditions for CBA and like Londonballetmum, I thought the guidelines were rather complicated for my 7 year old too and fear that even the new amended guidelines may still bit a bit too tricky for her. 
I have no ballet knowledge other that what I have learnt through my little girl so I do not know what is and isn’t normal for this age! 

Londonballetmum, how do you find the new amended list? 

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