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Two Friends, Two Continents, Very Different Pandemics

Ian Macmillan

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A piece for this weekend's New York Times compares the experiences of two opera singers, one  based in New York, the other in Germany:


Two Friends, Two Continents, Very Different Pandemics - The New York Times


There may be no huge surprises there and the situation may well read across to the dance world, at least as far as major companies are concerned.

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What I didn't think the article made clear enough - as far as I recall - was that part of the discrepancy is down to the fact that one of the singers is a salaried employee, while the other is freelance.  As we know, freelances in the creative and performing sectors are suffering really badly over in the UK, as well.  Of course, it may also say a lot for the attitude to the performing arts in the two countries that a singer can be salaried in Germany - what the situation with e.g. the opera companies in the USA is I don't actually know, although we know that it's common for dancers' employment in major companies to be limited to a certain number of weeks per year.

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