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Article about the Nutcracker on "Russian Art + Culture"

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An article about the Nutcracker by the British film-maker Margy Kinmonth appeared online this week, on the "Russian Art+Culture" site. Her article draws on her film "Nutcracker Story" and the Bolshoi transmission tomorrow with Semyon Chudin and Margarita Shrayner. 


Here's the link, in case this might be of interest:




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Oh dear, I didn't know there was a Bolshoi transmission!


Thanks for posting the rest.


Edited to add: Goodness, if the film's got footage of Laura Morera and Yohei Sasaki it's very old - must be taken from the (?) South Bank Show recording when Morera was, I think, making her debut.

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My favourite Nutcracker. If you miss it, there are several recordings of this on line, including one with gorgeous Nina Kaptsova.


It is relatively sugar free, Ivanov free and has IMHO the best Arabian dance, although in this case it is an Indian dance. No bare midriffs or gauzy harem pants thank goodness.


Both Shrainer and Chudin have a rocky moment in the pas de deux. 

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Sorry, Stucha, but I have the exact opposite feeling than you about the Bolshoi-Grigorovich Nutcracker...cold, mechanical heartless production. And those creepy long candelabras held by the male corps! Grigorovich almost always employs tilted long sticks of some sort in his work. 

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