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Northern Ballet - Pay as you feel streamings - Termagant & Men Dances

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Northern Ballet recently streamed two newly created pieces - Termagant and Men Dances.  The streams are still available to watch:




Both pieces last around 12 minutes and mostly feature the newer members of the company, which is a great opportunity for them in these troubled times.  Northern Ballet is very lucky to have a studio theatre with a decent sized stage in the company's Quarry Hill HQ.


Termagant was created by dancer Mariana Rodrigues for 11 ladies of the company using music by Ravel.  I must admit I read the description of the ballet after I'd watched it and I'm afraid the description did not enlighten me as to whom some of the "characters" were but that didn't really matter as it was just lovely to watch.


 I found the choreography lyrical and flowing.  Some of the poses reminded of scenes from Ancient Greek frescoes and vases.  There is one particularly gorgeous section for 3 of the ladies in shorter skirts (most of the costumes have diaphanous culotte-style trousers).  The filming is quite interesting in that sometimes it looks to me as though the camera was in the middle of the stage!  There was one particular segment where the camera looked as though it was right up against dancer Natalia Kerner, which was very effective.


Dancer Mlindi Kulashe created Men Dances for 9 gentlemen of the company.  This piece was all about lockdown and the dancers were socially distanced.  This short piece used three different pieces of music from Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and Schubert and Mlindi made great use of that music.  A feeling of frustration at the restrictions of lockdown came over but there was also a feeling of hope.  I loved the synchronised moves of the dancers and the choreography really flowed.  The camera work was more conventional in this piece.


I really enjoyed both pieces and I have watched them several times.  I believe that both these pieces should have a life beyond streaming and would love to see them live.





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