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What are you trying to do to improve your ballet?


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I had been danced ballet for 10 years. I got injury of my ankle in 7 years ago, and I stopped to dance for long time. But I started ballet again in this year. So I just stared train my inner muscle. I wanna know what is the most important to improve ballet skill. Especially I'm not good at pirouette, so I wanna be good at pirouette. Do you have any good advice to improve my pirouette?

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You are attending ballet classes, taught by an experienced and qualified teacher, I hope? If so, then trust to the process. Ballet is a slow and steady training regime. 


For pirouettes, as a student, my thinking is about  training the retiré movement (in the US they call it passé) on the flat at the barre, so to develop strength in the supporting leg side, thinking about my relevé, so I can pull up strongly on demi-pointe, and spotting so I can control the turn. The glute muscle in my supporting leg is my focus on training the relevé into retiré. The turn is the last thing I think about!


Outside of class, you could do simple strengthening exercises for your ankles: holding gently to a barre (or sofa or chair back or stair bannister) stand in a careful parallel position, and rise up on both feet to demi-pointe, checking that your middle toe, ankle, knee, and hip are all in line. Do maybe 10 repetitions to start, working fairly slowly. Then the same movement on one foot, then the other. Again do slow repeats, being careful about alignment.

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Thank you Kate to comment!

my teacher taught me how to do pirouette, but actually I'm just afraid of turn. 

And your advice is great, because I didn't have a idea about toe training in outside of class. 

Right, to improve ballet skill will takes a time. 

I'll start my foot and toe training first!

Your advice is very helpful for me, Thank you so much!


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