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ROH website - where does the News go?

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The ROH posts half-a-dozen most recent items of news and features on the front page of its website, but, owing to the enthusiasm with which this is being done at present, most items only stay there a couple of days before being pushed off by something newer, which means you really need to keep a close eye on the site, which I don't do. I still haven't managed to work out where the news vanishes to once it disappears from this page - can anyone help, please?

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But those sections are un-clickable, so you can only get at the one that's listed :huh:


Oh no, they're not: if you hover over "Ballet" or "Dance" those are clickable, but the link as a whole isn't. How odd - and how very non-Internet-standard. Thanks, BBB. I still don't think it's a particularly good idea to hive them off into 15 different "Categories" pages after a couple of days if you actually want people to read them, though.

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