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RBS video audition for year 7 2021 entry

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2 minutes ago, Whiteduvet said:

Ha!! Think your Dad may have missed the boat slightly...;) 


DD was watched all the way through I think if I’ve read it right (not sure how YouTube really works!) 

If you go into the analytics and click on where it looks like a triangle which shows it’s been watched then click on that and it will give you the total time . 

I do t read to much into length... a girl got JA’s last week and her 3 videos were only watched for a minute each !! They know straight away if it’s an instant “ yes” or instant “ no” . The maybes need more watching I’m guessing. 

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2 hours ago, Crazylifecrazykids said:

We are one drive too had a good scout but couldn't see if you can check views.... probably a good thing in my case! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yup! I had a look too but decided it might risk that I'd delete the video by accident. Technology not my strong point 🤣 Think I can just about manage to check my email in February...!

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2 minutes ago, MrsR said:


I believe there is a Zoom presentation re this today?! I don't have an email with codes etc.. Can someone can confirm it is today?

Already losing marbles... 

Thank you!

We have a presentation for white lodge applicants on the 28th next week.

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