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Michael Clark exhibition at the Barbican, 7th October - 3rd January 2021

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Just wanted to say that this Michael Clark retrospective at the Barbican Art Gallery, EC1 is well worth a visit for those dance lovers looking to get out & about. I was thrilled by the amount of video of his early works from the 1980s & just how daring his pieces were in terms of design, music as well as his choreography (you can also easily see his wonderful Cecchetti RBS training) & how beautifully it sits on his own gorgeous body as well as on other dancers. So much of his work also has a wicked sense of humour- one of his solo pieces was to 5 bass & electric guitars playing Black Sabbath riffs & he looked awesome. There is a very informative free leaflet available at the desk detailing some of his collaborators (& it's very much a who's who of the arts scene from the 1980's onwards including Grayson Perry(!). I was also struck by how generously funded dance used to be; I cannot think of a current contemporary choreographer who would be able to mount work on the same scale today with sizeable live music & costumes other than black tights. Sigh.


The £35 catalogue is also one of the best examples I have ever seen with almost every picture in colour & is a real collectible.  Both exhibition & catalogue are highly recommended!


Tickets are £15 & are strictly timed entrance. I arrived at 11am for 11.30am & was gently turned away to find an outdoor seat until 11.15am (found a bench out of the rain & enjoyed the cappucino I had bought at the Barbican station). There is little to no seating in the centre itself, but ironically you can sit socially distanced in the exhibition to watch the videos(!)

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Thanks for bumping this Mandy.


The reviews have all made this exhibition sound absolutely fascinating and I would love to go but, sadly, I won't be travelling to London in the near future.


It's also due at the V&A in Dundee in October 2021...



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