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Loose end..advice on London class please!

Sheila Beelam

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I am lucky enough to have an afternoon free in London tomorrow and am unsure whether to do an Elementary class in pineapple or Danceworks.

I'm not used to free classes - syllabus RAD Adv1 is my regular class, so any opinions on which would be best? Also I would love to do pointe work but I assume neither of these include it - any other drop-in options for mature dancer?


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I ended up at Dancworks taking a class with Anna Du Boisson, who was very supportive of an amateur older dancer! Inspiring seeing the elegant young gazelles flying around the room!


Then had pointe shoe fitting with Tiffany at Bloch and told her how well thought of she was - she was surprised! A lovely person with plenty of time to try umpteen shoes on me, until she finally found a pair that suits (and that will work my feet harder than my existing shoes!)


All in all a successful day and would recommend both to all here :)

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