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Kizzy Matiakis to retire from Royal Danish Ballet...

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... a little earlier than planned: she was going to give her farewell performance with the RDB in the spring, in the leading role she created in Gregory Dean's Blixen - but it's now announced that she is pregnant and will instead make her last appearance on November 14th, as Madge in the new production of La Sylphide.


There's a nice appreciation of her on the RDB site - it's in Danish but reponds well to Google translate.

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The RDB recently had a special evening - subscribers only, I think - to celebrate the careers of both Kizzy Matiakis and Amy Watson (who also retires this season).


Danish critic Erik Aschengreen talks to the two ballerinas and shows lots of clips of their dancing - the oldest one shows Matiakis dancing the Lilac Fairy's variation when she was about 12.


It's a charming programme and is now online - it lasts for 90 mins. The introduction (a couple of minutes) is in Danisn but all the rest is in English.


Also, Eva Kistrup has just posted an appreciation of Kizzy Matiakis, on the day of her last performance.

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