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Scoliosis film fundraiser


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Dear ballet friends


Some of you might remember me - I used to be a moderator on this forum and have been a member for nearly 20 years, from back when my son was auditioning for JAs. I'm here today to ask for your help.


His girlfriend is an amazing dancer (you might've seen her in The Little Matchgiirl or Metamorphosis) and also suffers from scoliosis. Being such a strong dancer (and Pilates instructor) has helped to keep her back strong but she only really learnt to accept her condition in her early 20s. She wants to develop her idea of making a short film to raise awareness and encourage talking about the condition amongst young dancers, dancer teachers, or just any young person affected.


Please see her GoFundMe page for more information (and a short YouTube clip which shows her back - could be useful for any of your out there with children with scoliosis) and I'm just asking that you please spread the word to anyone who might be able to donate. We know that times are hard financially for everyone at the moment, but the cliché is true - every little helps. Of course, if you know any companies who would like to sponsor her, that would be great too 😉


Thankyou x



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