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When do you think live dance festivals will resume?


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Just wondering if anyone is on any organising committees for dance festivals and has any insight into this. 


DD has enjoyed her Zoom classes but lost all interest in practising her various festival solos and duets. She's also probably grown out of all of her costumes! She wasn't interested in any of the online comps. She says there's no point if there's no audience! I kind of like that attitude as at least it's not all about the medals for her. 


Just wondering if there is any point in trying to get her to go over her dances so that she doesn't forget them too much, and think about replacement costumes etc. 


I have to admit I've quite enjoyed the break from the nerves of being in the audience watching her! 

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I know what you mean. It was disappointing at first when DD had worked so hard (and I'd spent so much money!) on her dances to have everything cancelled. But I definitely don't miss the stress of it all. DD never got nervous but I was awful!

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My guess would be February at the earliest although our October one is still hoping to go ahead in a reduced format, solos only. 


My daughter did do quite a few online festivals. Not the same without an audience but some very valuable feedback, we rerecorded the dance a few times (still in the house in very little space but trying to address the feedback she had been given) and it gave her something to do. She did some own choreography ones too.  


I think learning to see how hard it is to "perform" on video and for it to come across was interesting. Especially if there is the potential any exams this term may be via video rather than in person. 

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