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Support and contact details for those affected by recent news.


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Hi Everyone


First of all thank you so much to everyone who came forward since my post about dancer abuse last month.  The courage it took to do something so brave is truly awe inspiring. You are amazing. 

When I posted my hope was to bring dancer abuse into the spotlight as the gymnasts have done and change how dance is governed for future generations throughout the UK.  In light of the recent news reports I think we are now starting that journey. Thank you. 

Please continue to come forward to report any forms of abuse in dance throughout the UK, contact




even if you tried in the past to make reports to boards and authorities, itv will listen. 


Please also make sure that memberships/academies are also aware.  So do send in your complaints or concerns to RAD, ISTD and any other membership organisations that you think should be aware. Perhaps you need to raise a historic complaint again? You have a voice now. 

If any of these events have caused distress or triggering please do not hesitate to seek help. 


You can contact NSPCC helpline for support (they help parents too) for the whole of the UK. 

Children1st have a dedicated safety in sport unit (also hoping to cover dance) and a parent line for Scotland. 

NSPCC Helpline 0808 800 5000 (UK)

Children1st parentline  08000 28 22 33 (Scotland)

Children1st safety in sport 419 11 56 (Scotland)

Samaritans 116 123 (24 hours) (UK)

Please do not comment about individuals or schools on this forum (legal implications and protection of children).
This post is for information and just a small token of thanks to you all.  
Moderators you may choose to turn off commenting. 

You can always contact me by private message if you would like to. 

Thank you.


If you wish to see the news stories links have been posted in this forum under the links to events and news section. 





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Hi everyone,

ITV news are now looking into the historic culture of abuse (of all kinds) in dance - bullying, physical abuse, inappropriate conduct etc etc and are taking anonymous reports from parents and dancers at ballet@itv.com. While I understand some people may not wish to go over things that have happened, I would urge anyone with anything they no longer want to keep silent to go forward. 

They have assured me that anonymity will be preserved. 

Please forward this message to anyone you know who has a story to tell. 


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No doubt you will have seen the news regarding a certain school now in liquidation. 

It doesn’t stop there. 

Police are investigating and want to hear from anyone with any information at all about their time there. 

Moderators.... now the school is in liquidation are you still under legal restrictions? 



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I’m not sure, @pointetheway; we are discussing this at the moment.  For now, let’s assume that nothing has changed with regards to naming the school.  


So we don’t have multiple threads on the same subject, I have merged this thread with the “Support” thread.  We’d prefer this thread to be information only so I will lock it for now.

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More support available for past and present students affected by the issues being investigated; several Counsellors/Psychologists with experience of working with dancers, dance students, teenagers and young adults have come forward and very kindly offered a pro-bono counselling session by Zoom/Skype to anyone affected.  


This is not an advert nor is the Committee making any particular recommendation, we are merely providing contact information.  Here are the details we have been given; we will add to these should any more such offers be made:


Terry Hyde MA MBACP:  https://www.counsellingfordancers.com/about/


Dr Alison Stuart AFBPsS: https://www.dralisonstuart.com


Gayle Sturrock at The Aarlon Practice:  https://theaarlonpractice.co.uk

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