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Does anyone have a daughter at YDA Associates? (Uniform query)


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Does anyone have a dd at YDA Associates? Mine is joining this Sept and I'm looking at uniform. There are some optional items- warm up and tracksuit and I'd like to know whether most kids wear them? If they do I'd like to get them but don't want to waste money if most don't use them.


And any tips on other things for a YDAAC newbie much appreciated!

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My dd attends YDA Associates and we can’t recommend it highly enough! She started last September so she’s done a year now, and even with the disruption from Coronavirus, they have offered a wonderful series of lessons and have a brilliant plan for the autumn term. My dd also did their online summer school which was fabulous! We are very pleased with them. My dd does have the tracksuit top (not bottoms) and the warm up, she does wear them most weeks but I can’t really remember if most others do🤦🏻‍♀️ I think you would be fine with going on the first week and checking out what others have if you wanted to do it that way. They do need a white bow in their bun though and they’re pretty strict on that, so get a few of those sorted would be my top tip!! Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know and good luck with the uniform x

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