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Dance related work experience!


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Welcome :)


My daughter's friends have sometimes worked at our local dance school. It's a bit different to everyone else's work experience because it was in the afternoon/evenings plus a Saturday (although I think we have one daytime baby ballet class). They mainly helped out by demonstrating stuff, but if you've got a good teacher/owner of the school, perhaps they could get you to help a bit with admin type stuff so you'd see a bit more of what's involved beyond the teaching.


You wouldn't have to stick to your own dance school - if they can't/won't take you, you could try other schools within reach. Or perhaps other local children's classes in drama or dance - sometimes they have them at leisure centres.


If you give us a rough idea of where you live, we might find that someone has some contacts local to you that you could try.


Good luck :)

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Several of my dance students have done their work experience with me at my dance school! It was very straight forward to organise. There were forms to fill out by myself and the student and I had a visit from the company organising the work experience to check details, health & safety etc. The student then spent the week or 2 weeks with me assisting in classes, helping with admin and I also asked them to prepare some simple enchainments & warm ups to teach in the younger classes (under supervision!).

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ahh, I've literally just finally decided on my work experience placement, as I'm in year 10 too. I'm doing mine in my normal school, working in the Dance and Drama departments. I did consider a local theatre, however my working hours would've been a bit odd if I was helping with a show, starting at around 6pm and finishing after the show at about 11pm!!

I was going to go to BRB, to do work experience there, however one of my friends did hers there last year, and gave very negative comments about it to me. She worked in Costume, and basically said she had to pair socks, and not much else!! No offence meant to anyone who has had a positive work experience at BRB, but for me it didn't seem worth the long journey!

If your school does dance or drama, you could ask there; I asked my Drama teacher for suggestions, and she said I could come and work with her, so you might be able to either do your work experience at your own school (At least then you wouldn't have far to travel!) or your teacher can advise you on where else to look.


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