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10 Downing Street

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The usually well-informed online gossip site Popbitch had this story this week:


Earlier this month, the government pledged £1.6bn to save Britain's cultural industries as they face an uncertain future under the coronavirus. At the front of this effort was theatre and film director, Sam Mendes. 

As part of his consultation with the government, Mendes was required to ring 10 Downing Street, where he was told to hold for the Prime Minister. But there was no hold-tone or background music. The PM's phone was simply left upended.

Whether or not Mendes heard the ins and outs of the discussion happening on the other end of the line, we don't know. Dominic Cummings will just have to hope he growled the phrase "Tell the ****ing dancers that they're at the back of the queue" quietly enough that it was masked by the sound of Boris picking up the receiver.


(Link to the original — https://popbitch.com/emails/grass-grasss-grassss/ )

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