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Ballet associate programs (Northern Ireland)


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Hello. I’m completely new to this and would love some advice please. We live in Northern Ireland. My dd is 12 and has been studying RAD ballet for 5/6 years. She really wants to take it further and we were thinking of an associates program. We don’t really have great opportunities for aspiring ballet dancers here in Northern Ireland. Which ones should I look at? What’s available out there? Is there anyone on here that travels to mainland uk from NI? I am completely clueless and need your help. Lol. I’ve obviously heard of RBS and Elmhurst and Scottish Ballet. I believe we have missed auditions for RBS and SB for this year tho. What other ones is there? Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you 😊 

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Welcome to the forum, Laurajune.  I'm moving your post to Doing Dance, which is where most of our content relating to learning ballet lives.  I've also edited your post title since, as you've realised, Northern Ireland is a special case.

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  • alison changed the title to Ballet associate programs (Northern Ireland)

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