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Bolshoi Ballet TV competition

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Russia's version of so you think you can dance... and if you look at the list of performers for the 21st, the answer is probably a huge yes!


'It's a 110% yes from me'


all 2 hours of each one.





The dancers are

Anna Tikhomirova, Artem Ovcharenko (Bolshoi)

Sergei Polunin (Stanislavsky)

Kristina Andreeva and Oleg Ivenko (Tatar Theater of Opera and Ballet. Jalil)

Andrei Ermakov, Viktoria Tereshkina (Mariinsky)

Christina Shapran (Stanislavsky)

Alexander Taranov and Xenia Barbasheva (Perm)

Larissa Lyushina, Andrey Sorokin (Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet)

Olga Smirnova, Vladislav Lantratov (Bolshoi)


I would love to know what the judges panel are saying to these incredible dancers. And to know their scores


Each week they do different variations, some solo, some duets. TV audiences then vote by SMS.


Polunin is in second place at the moment with 12.5% of the vote. Any takers for predicting the current leader with 20.8% of the vote?


or which dancer will fall in the middle of their variation on the 28th?

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I've just watched parts of this, but I would guess that Olga Smirnova will walk away with an easy win.


I personally like Christina Shapran (Vaganova grad now at the Stanislavsky). It seems from a quick internet translation posted that Diana Vishneva, one of the judges, likes her very much as well.




The judges' scores are posted after each performance, "10" being the highest.

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Here's Olga Smirnova's (Bolshoi, Vaganova graduate) first performance (La Bayadere). She's only 20, one year out of school and quite mindboggling. Those at the Galina Ulanova gala in London last year would have gotten a glimpse of her.


Her partner, Vladislav Lantratov (Bolshoi), isn't too bad either. They both received all 10's from the judges for this performance.


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If you're wondering why Viktoria Tereshkina, longtime Mariinsky principal, is included in a project to showcase young, new talent, she's a non-contestant partner. I believe that Ulyana Lopatkina will take her place in at least one future performance.

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Agree that there's some great dancing here.... I'd also be interested to know what people think of the programme/competition itself. It's aparently a 'first' for Russian TV, and I'd suspect, internationally. (More details on the programme website at http://tvkultura.ru/...brand_id/22545/ - works well with Google Translate.)


My own impression: Some of the glitzy stuff made me cringe. Also I don't know any Russian and haven't yet looked at translations of what's being said, so it's possible I've misunderstood what's taking place... But - wow! They appear to have done a great job of promoting ballet, and bringing it in a tasteful but more 'modern' way to people who might otherwise have no interest or worse - It's one of very few programmes I feel that I could watch together with non-ballet family/friends with all of us glued to the screen. As well as the first class dancing, they have very some interesting choreography and sets, a quite varied repertoire, an opportunity for ballet fans and casual viewers to get to know the next generation of upcoming dancers and a bit about what goes on behind the scenes... The environment seems quite supportive and collaborative, despite this being a competition... Interesting that top figures in the ballet world are not only judging but explaining their assesments. And the interactive component of SMS voting would presumably help to get the viewers feel involved.


Great to see Sergei Polunin doing his stuff and apparently thriving. Too bad I don't understand what he's saying...


Apparently it's the final tonight.


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