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Teatro Colón in MacMillan's "Romeo and Juliet" (2018)

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I’m watching this now, there is the odd flash of Inaki’s past technique, but mostly he is past it.  Odd choice for a farewell performance as it’s a young man’s ballet.   Lauren Cuthbertson is super in this role , so it’s worth watching for her part in it.  Not yet convinced by the chemistry but Inaki is improving as it progresses.

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Just to say that Teatro Colon still have several ballets available on Youtube including Swan lake, Sleeping Beauty, Merry Widow (with Nunez), Le Corsaire, Romeo and Juliet and Coppelia. All are full length and great quality pictures.

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Sorry Alison my husband's been working on the computer most of the time and my previous post was sent on my phone. I don't know how to do links from my phone but as he's just left the computer I'll give it a go. It's an Anna Marie Holmes version; never a favourite with me but it's very well recorded; very clear. if you haven't already seen it do try and see Merry Widow. It's a strong contender for my lockdown performance of the year!




Merry Widow



I've tried to put the general link to all videos up as well but it said the link couldn't be embedded because there is no video attached. However, if you do a YouTube search of Teatro Colon you'll find them easily enough.


Also a link to the Jacob's Pillow Danish Gala which is wonderful but apparently only available until 7pm tonight UK time so just a couple of hours unless it's extended.



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From the Teatro Colon, a rare  treasure: the version of Coppelia that is danced at ABT and throughout the Americas, by Enrique Martinez...yes, the version with the six Demi “friends” couples in the A3 Waltz, with each girl successively leaping onto her partner’s back, in “fish” position, carried off, running, into the wings...finally filmed! Storybook  designs by Jose Varona. Filmed on June 15, 2018, with the first cast:


Swanilda- Macarena Gimenez (a fave of mine since I saw her live in Aug 2015 debuting as Ashton’s Sylvia! Still in corps back then.)


Frantz - Juan Pablo Ledo 


Dr. Coppelius - Tindaro Silvano


A3 solo “Dawn” - Camila Bocca 


A3 solo “Prayer” - Paula Cassano 


Conductor, Martin West



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