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Associates Classes - London Ballet Company?

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Hello Rosa and welcome to the Forum.


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On 24/06/2020 at 23:14, Rosa said:

Just wondering if anyone has experience or feedback of The London Ballet Company Associates Programme?


Any information appreciated.

We were there for a year 

it was ok, but I think since last year, class size increased and teaching time decreased 

it used to be the majority of the Sunday rather than a few hours 
I think it’s a good starter associates course 

the Easter week training and subsequent show was good value for money 

staff are friendly enough 

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My daughter attended last year.  As above I think the programme was ok, it is only for 2 hours each session which I think is a little short, given the cost of the programme, and that fees are paid for upfront.  My daughter has decided that she would rather attend a different programme in the future.

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