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Bolero - a new work by Christopher Wheeldon - Royal Ballet and Orchestra of ROH

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And finally something uplifting for the dancers to be part of and for the audience to enjoy ❤️

Huge thank you to Christopher Wheeldon ... I imagine this was an enormous work to create and pull together.  

Bravo 👏 

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I love this!

Yes it is slightly reminiscent of Bejart, but this is so much better because it is not so regimented the dancers are free and relaxed.

It was so great to see all the dancers together again - sort of. 

I enjoyed this so much - a lot more than than I did the MacGregor pdd from ROH the other night.

Well done Christopher Wheeldon and well done all the musicians and dancers who participated.

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Thank you too to Mr Vasiliev for shaving 10 minutes off the running time (I have a severe allergy to that piece of music :) ).


Seriously, it was great to see so many of the company actually dancing, and the editing was excellent.  (I think I'm even more impressed at the quality of the sound recording, actually)

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