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Cinderella (Royal Ballet)

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Just found this 1979 (I think) version on YouTube. Curiously introduced by Jim Dale, who interviews Mason & Collier between acts & later on Shaw & Rencher. Starring the wonderful Lesley Collier and Anthony Dowell. They are just gorgeous. It also stars lots of old favourites like Monica Mason, Merle Park, Vergie Derman, Wayne Sleep, and Shaw & Rencher as the ugly sisters. But I was particularly happy to see Jennifer Penney.

It's not the greatest quality, far from it, but I'm just really happy to see this performance again, I know I watched it on TV in 1979. 

Anyway thank you whoever put it on YouTube.

Hope it doesn't get taken down too soon.

Also sorry if this has already been discussed.

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  • Jan McNulty changed the title to Cinderella (Royal Ballet)

Thank you, Sharon.  I already had a video of the Christmas 1979 UK television broadcast of this performance with Richard Baker as the presenter. Before the performance and in the intervals, he was shown sitting in a box with some children and discussing the ballet and the performance with them, whereas the WNEW US broadcast has, instead, fascinating interviews with the dancers.   It's really interesting to compare these two very different approaches to a broadcast of the same performance.

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