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Upper School Costs


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I have seen the threads on auditioning and also the warnings on Upper School costs.

My dd is 14 and wants to audition for 6th form 2014. We also have 2 other children.

I've been looking at different schools and it's so hard to work out costs - not just of fees, but living costs, accommodation etc.

The schools that she wants to audition for are ENB, Elmhurst, Central, Laines and Rambert.

PMs are welcome as I know it's a tricky topic:)

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I'm sure we've had a thread about this before (at least with a bit of dicussion that might help) - I haven't got time to look now so if anyone has a mo to search....


It's all a bit different this year to with the change in funding arrangements - I can't help with that.

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