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Hello, DS has a place at Central . I'm looking at Liberty House (Walmsley house) as one of the options. He would be looking to share (to get the price down a bit!) Do we need to find a flatmate ourselves? Also does anyone know of any Homestay websites or where I can look?!! And the last thing the prices at IQ Paris Gardens (for a shared twin room is the price per person or room?. 

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Im thinking that as a student accommodation supplier then the company will allocate your son a room and he will be sharing a flat with other students. It will work in the same way that universities allocate rooms/ flats for their university students but as a private accommodation provider, it won’t necessarily be students sharing that are from the same university. However, I am sure that they try and ensure that they put students from the same university/school together. 

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23 hours ago, alison said:

You might find something of use in this thread:



Yes, thanks I'd looked at those. IQ got back to me today to say that they don't take under 18's in any of their properties.

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