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Everybody Ballet online classes


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Bennet Gartside and Everybody Ballet did a Live Instagram class for beginners online last week (free). I came across it by accident and have now signed up for more beginners classes - being run via Zoom (very reasonable pricing).


These classes are usually held in London at the ROH and another venue but the initiative has now been taken on line.


I'm self isolating as my husband is at risk and can't see myself going out for weeks/months,  and whilst I would normally have been too embarrassed to join a live class, not to mention being able to fit it into my work schedule, I have found these online classes very inspirational from a mental health perspective, as well as the physical exercise.  The beginners classes are gentle and encouraging.   


So, I'm in my dining room with a chair as the barre. Benn was in his kitchen for the Instagram class.  Well done him for offering these - I'd go so far as to say it was a public service.  

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I did my first online ballet class via Zoom today! Great fun ...just remember to keep some water at hand as because was at home forgot this and had to run out and get some half way through! 

Its a local class here in Brighton and the teacher is running her classes via Brighton Natural Health Centre.

I can ask her if I can advertise her class here because she would need people's emails and phone numbers and then people would have to book the actual class via Brighton Natural Health Centre......they have a special online classes section on website now so it's easy to use.

It's great having these classes to create some structure to the day and force you to tidy up and declutter a bit 🙄

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