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Degas leotards

Sheila Beelam

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Thought I'd update you all re Degas leotards etc - mods feel free to move this to a previous thread if more appropriate :)


We've decided to initially stock 2 styles of camisole leotard, 1 skirted leotard, 1 men's leotard (!), tulle skirt and a fleece all in one.


I've never worn these myself, but having received the samples I am thrilled with the quality and feel of the fabric! At a price of £44-49 the leotards are not an everyday item, but I think they will be perfect for a special audition etc.


The following are currently being manufactured and should be with us 20-24 November. We have put them up on the site (search Degas or follow this link for the leos http://www.justballe...uk/shop/ladies/)

  • 9501 in "royal" (Royal Blue) 12A, T0, T2
  • 9502 in Black T1, T3 and Ruby (Red) 12A, T0, T1,T2,T3
  • Taglioni skirted leotard in white 14A, T1
  • 9755 short sleeved men's leo in white T1, T3, T5
  • Tulle skirt in Ruby 12A, T0-T3
  • Warm up all in one style "66" in black. 10A, 14A, T1-T3

Orders can be placed for specific sizes, styles or colour combinations from the whole range - just inbox me here or via the website. The full range of colours is on the US Degas site here:




I'll be interested to hear views on sizing, as this seems to be a grey area - they did raise a virtual eye brow by email when I asked for an XXL ladies leotard (which according to their site is an EU 42) I just wanted to make sure I had one that I could test drive!! Size chart is here:





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I am so excited as I have been trying to find a UK supplier of Degas leotards for a while. My daughter loves these and they are extremely expensive to ship from the US as an individual. I will definitely be ordering her one for Christmas! Are you planning on getting further styles in stock?

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Hi are you doing the Meryle leotard without the skirt or just the plain white one without the attatched skirt for the older dancers. I did say that the Degas leotards were gorgeuse didn't I ha ha. Fingers crossed that you can get more in stock.

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I have purchased a Degas leotard directly from them a few years back for my DD's Y7 auditions - have to say they are absolutely stunning but very small sized, seem to remember going up around two sizes larger than I thought I would need.


I wouldn't normally use this site to advertise or recommend and hope I dont breech any rules in doing so but given Just Ballet has listened to the wants/needs of Ballet.co forum., I feel praise is in order. Your own brand convertable tights are to be hightly recommended, I know somebody has mentioned them before but they are great, perfect colour and fit, lovely soft waistband and no ladders! Your service and delivery turnaround is unbeliveable, thank you so much.

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I think things may have changed size-wise. On the US Degas website (link above) there is a size guide and I recommend speaking to Just Ballet about sizing before ordering. My DD hasn't tried hers on yet but I ordered true to her size according to the chart and it looks like it will be OK. I guess as more people get them, we can get a better picture of sizing.


Edited to say: Mind you, my DD has got a short body so may be different for others

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I'm afraid I've used my quota of likes for the day but just wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful responses :)

The Degas Leo's seem to be coming up quite true to size - I even found one to fit me and I'm a "normal" size 12, 5ft 10, so not a ballet size!

My daughter is a tall, slender size 8 and she finds the T1 fits her well. With the T2, although it fitted, she found it didn't hug the base of her back close enough, but when she dropped down a size it was perfect.

The XL all in one suit fits me wonderfully and may be worn on the sofa as well as in class!

We have the fleece coats coming in at beginning of Dec as a customer has requested one for her DD. Although they seem pricey to me, you can pick your own colour combinations if you want the two tone version and they're fully lined, so I'll report back once they arrive :)



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Can you buy these leotards anywhere at Covent garden ? If not which dance shops at Covent garden haas the best range of leotards ? Last time we went we looked at bloch but nothing suitable. I've got a map with all the dance shops on but will be short for time.

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Agreed, Dancia and Capezio are your best bet for range of styles - there's also a small selection in Sansha on Drury Lane. Though of course we beat them all on price ;)

Definitely no Degas in London, but they have agreed to us being the UK stockist on their website, so at least customers will know where to go to find them!

Good Luck!

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