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Northern Ballet are appearing on The Greatest Dancer tonight (22/02)

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From the Company's Facebook page:


"We are excited to be joining Emeli Sandé and Ronan Keating on stage on The Greatest Dancer this coming Saturday with a performance featuring original choreography by David Nixon OBE. Tune in to BBC One from 7.05pm!"



(It's not a programme I watch but I shall watch on iPlayer and fast forward the rest!).


From today's Instagram stories six of the dancers are performing - Ayami Miyata, Antoinette Brooks-Daw, Abigail Prudames, Kevin Poeung, Mlindi Kulashe and Joseph Taylor.  They all look very excited to be in the TV studios!

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52 minutes ago, LinMM said:

I think I will do the same Janet am really not a fan of this programme and haven’t watched any of it so far this year! 


I watched 5 minutes of the first programme of the first series and that was enough to put me off for life.


The things I do for Northern Ballet!

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3 hours ago, Richard LH said:

That's 3 mins 47 secs of my life I will never get back...nor want to!


I'm not quite sure what you expected given the programme NB were featured in but, if it intrigues one or two people who wouldn't otherwise think of going to watch a ballet performance, it has been a worthwhile exercise.


I personally wish the focus had been on the dancers but given who the singers were it was sadly unlikely.


I think if I found it that bad I would have stopped watching after 30 seconds and not bother to wait until 3 minutes and 47 seconds had passed!

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