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Ballet Museum St. Petersburg?

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Hi all,


Could anyone let me know if there is any type of ballet museum in St. Petersburg?  I have searched google and found Opera and Theatre museum but it only seem to have a very small section.  Is there anything else that is a must see for ballet fans?  We are going to see a ballet but would really love to find a museum if there is such a thing.

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The St Petersburg Theatre Museum, near the Vaganova/behind the Alexandrinsky Theater, has a sizable ballet collection and often holds special ballet-themed exhibitions, such as the one celebrating Petipa’s 200th birthday. If you dig into their website (Eng and Russian), you’ll see that they currently have a 19th-C ballet exhibit in one of their satellite spaces (a private mansion). Check this site:




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Yes it's next to the Vaganova school and is certainly open to the public. They have an interesting collection of famous dancers ballet shoes including Pavlova and downstairs there was a piano that Tchaikovsky had actually played on! Definitely worth a visit.


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