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Books for sale, £7 each- 

Dance Anatomy (Jacqui Greene Haas)

How to Teach Beginning Ballet (Judith Newman)

The Song of the Body (Anne Hogan)

Three Conversations with Marius Petipa, the Legat Brothers and Anna Pavlova (Peter Koppers)

Classroom Behaviour (Bill Rodgers)

Writing a Dissertation for Dummies (Carrie Winstanley)

The Five Day Dissertation (Charlie Freeman)

You Know the Fair Rule (Bill Rodgers)

Dance Analysis Theory and Practice (Janet Adshead) 

Excellent Dissertations (Peter Levin)

Surviving your Dissertation (Kjell Erik Rudestam) 




£5 each- 

No Way Home (Carlos Acosta)

Ballerina (Nada Curcija)


Teaching Ballet Creatively (Judy John Baptiste) 


Dictionary of classical ballet terminology (RAD) 


The Ballet Called Swan Lake (Cyril W Beaumont)


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