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Aisha and Abhaya. Rambert at the Linbury.

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On the way back from this interesting ballet/dance. A mix of film and live dance on the themes of loss and refugees. The film told the story and the dance the emotion. I am left travelling home with the rhythm, small staccato moves and thoughts of what it it is like to lose so much and yet the expression of it becomes beautiful. 

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I went to opening night and decided not to write anything at the time.

However my feelings about this piece haven’t softened. Even with earplugs the music was more than over loud. Why torture the audience when reducing the volume would enhance and provide a safer experience. My dad suffered deafness in later life, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone which is what the current trend of assaulting an audience’s hearing risks doing regularly at Sadlers Wells and the Peacock, several  West End musicals

and now at the ROH.

In my opinion, the stated intent of this piece was at odds with its muddled and confusing and overlong presentation. The individual elements of film, music and choreography, far from being symbiotic, clashed and battled with each other for attention and in doing so repelled me rather than drawing me in. I’m all for evolution of dance but for me this piece failed miserably. 

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54 minutes ago, maryrosesatonapin said:

Was it well-attended, Janite?  I just love the publicity poster but wasn't tempted to actually go.


It was pretty full. People around me were saying that it was not what was expected but that they liked it.

While it is a work with flaws, (due I imagine to the serious illness of Kibwe, the director, half way through) I came away moved and I definitely plan to see more of Rambert's work.

Also, while I do not do well with loud music but the ear plugs worked very well.

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