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Doing an exam at my old school


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About a year ago I switched ballet schools because I really didn’t like the class environment, and combined with the fact the school was a little too far to justify going there every week. I don’t regret moving because I met a really lovely ballet teacher who has really helped me develop. My teacher has put me and another girl forward for RAD grade 6 this March.


However it’s a small school, so when we do exams sometimes we have to do them at other dance schools because we can’t use our own venue. And my teacher has suggested my old school as a potential venue!

Because I’m clueless - will my old teacher be offended that I moved schools? I would like to do it there because I know the studio well, but it feels like betrayal to do an exam representing someone else.

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Whether she is offended or not is not your concern.  She is a professional and will hopefully act like one.  Your current teacher (and you in your exam fees) will be paying the old teacher for the use of the studio for the exam and possibly a contribution towards examiner expenses so it will be a purely business transaction.

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Welcome to the forum,  Ruyuan.  Pictures is quite right, this is business and as a student, you are a paying customer.  If questioned, all you have to say is that it was too far to travel every week.  


Good luck with your exam! ☺️

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