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Terry Jones RIP

Jan McNulty

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That is very sad but dementia is such a terrible thing that I am sure his loved ones can only rejoice at his liberation from it. I miss both my dear parents but I would not wish them back if it meant prolonged suffering from this awful disease. Rest in peace, Terry, and thank you for the laughter you gave us. 

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My daughter used to work in a pub in Highgate during her uni holidays.  She often saw Terry Jones and Michael Palin sitting together, having a few pints.  She said they always seemed so close, and always gave each other big hugs when they were leaving (and were always lovely to her).  Watching Palin break down on the news last night when talking about how he misses going for pints with Terry was very poignant.  So hard to say goodbye to a 60-year friendship.


I hope that in comedy heaven Terry Jones will eternally be a very naughty boy.  RIP.

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