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IDTA Grade Boundaries


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I’ve done a search to see if I can find the answer on this forum but I can’t so I hope someone can help. 

I am just wondering what the numerical mark boundaries are for the award categories (not sure if I am explaining this correctly!). DD has an IDTA Tap exam coming up and I believe she can be awarded (although I might be wrong):


fail/pass/merit /distinction


I was wondering if the marks needed for each were the same as RAD?


Also, she is doing a Medal Test at the same time. Apparently the marks will be given as fail/pass/commended/highly commended/honours. Will there be a numerical mark too? And what are the numerical boundaries for this one?


i hope this makes sense! Thank you ☺️

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IDTA do give a numerical mark too but from memory the mark boundaries are quite different from RAD. Distinction is 85% and over. Pretty sure it was 60% to pass but unsure where the boundary lies between pass and merit - about 74% at a guess but really cannot remember.


I'm not sure my DDs ever did a medal test but I thought the fail/pass/commended/highly commended/honours  were the applicable results for the graded exams they did. Again , honours was over 85% and I think highly commended was 75-84% but I am going back quite a few years - about 4 or 5 years since DD2 took an IDTA exam

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