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DADA funding self employed


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Hi,wondering and worrying in advance about self employment and DADA's . I have recently gone self employed, if my daughter is successful in obtaining a DADA how will I prove how much I earn? I only have a P60 and P45 from leaving my job in August and have yet to do a tax return.  I would presume I put £0 as that is what I am earning!

Anybody got any information that may help?


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Yes unfortunately it can be unfair. I’m not self employed but I was offered extra hours at work for 4 months last year and it took our income into the next bracket. 
I explained this wasn’t my usual income but was still advised I had to put it on the form. 
My daughter didn’t accept her place in the end so I didn’t get as far as challenging it. 

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If your income has changed drastically from a previous year you can apply to be re-assessed on your current income. I get dividends and I had to fill in my self assessment early in the May for the year just ended 5th  April. So after 5th April 2020 you would fill in your s/a covering what you event between August and April. 

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