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ROH One Extraordinary World gala

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Ambar* pas de deux (Wayne McGregor), music by Nils Frahm, danced by Natalia Osipova and Edward Watson


Liliom pas de deux (John Neumeier), music by Michel Legrand, danced by Alina Cojocaru and Carsten Jung


La Valse (Ashton)


In the Hothouse* (Im Treibhaus) pas de deux, (Alastair Marriott), music by Wagner from Wesendonck lieder, danced by Sarah Lamb and Steven McRae, singer was Justina Gringyte


Winter Dreams Farewell pas de deux (MacMillan), danced by Roberta Marquez and Nehemiah Kish


After the Rain pas de deux (Christopher Wheeldon), music by Arvo Pärt, danced by Marianela Nuñez and Thiago Soares


Jubilee pas de deux* (Liam Scarlett), music by Glazounov, danced by Laura Morera and Federico Bonelli


*signifies world premiere

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I took a picture of the programme last night (including the opera and orchestral pieces too): hopefully this link should work! https://www.dropbox.com/s/zu1m2yqdntl2gfp/2012-10-30%2018.42.52-1.JPG


Here are my thoughts, for what they're worth...

  • The orchestra were in fine form and the opening Festive Overture was the perfect uplifting start to the night
  • I thought the McG was great. Osipova and Watson worked well together and set to superb music.
  • Liliom was interesting but not really a gala piece. Felt I needed to know the story - Alina was fantastic but wasn't hugely impressed by Jung (though that may have been the role rather than the dance).
  • La Valse was fantastic (first viewing for me). Almost sinister and malevolent to start it crescendoed into a magnificent finish showcasing the strength and depth of the Royal Ballet from corps to first soloists
  • Marriott's piece was interesting, and I loved having the singer on stage, but felt it could have done with a little more choreographic silence. I felt the piece was a little non-stop. McRae and Lamb were stunning.
  • Winter Dreams was gorgeously danced by Marquez and Kish. For a new partnership (I've never seen them cast as dancing together before) they managed to really tap into the emotion of the piece.
  • After The Rain was my highlight of the whole night. Nuñez and Soares were so fluid and completely in tune which made Wheeldon's fragile choreography all the more perfect. One of the most beautiful Pas de Deuxs I've seen, I just hope it was recorded!
  • Jubilee proved that Scarlett can not only do abstract (Asphodel Meadows) and MacM-esque narrative (Sweet Violets) but he can also do tutu-classical with aplomb! Bonelli and Morera made the most of the showcase choreography and I loved the final sitted seat lift dropped into a fish dive. The piece sparkled as much as its costumes did (and that's saying something!)
  • I'm not an opera buff, but I felt that Terfel outshone the other singers last night with a brilliant solo and an overwhelming final Te Deum with the Royal Opera Chorus.

All in all a superb night, topped off with the Queen heading onstage during the final curtain call and a rousing chorus of God Save The Queen (with words in the programmes for those who needed them!). I particularly loved the Queen seemingly quite taken by Morera's tutu - maybe she wanted one for herself?


Hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as me!

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La Valse (Ashton)


The lead couples in La Valse were Hikaru Kobayashi / Ryochi Hirano, Sam Raine / Joey Stepanek and Helen Crawford / Brian Maloney. I thought the stage was much more brightly lit than usual which made the piece less atmospheric but easier to see the dancers.

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