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Reconsidering Mrs Robinson - Cathy Marston back at San Francisco Ballet

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With thanks to Bruce Marriott via Twitter, I discover that Cathy Marston has been working again with San Francisco Ballet on a retelling of the Mrs Robinson story from the later-60s film, The Graduate.  It is due to premiere out there in March, just a month after her The Cellist for the Royal Ballet in London.


SFB has announced it here:



An ideal start to 2020 from my point of view!




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Mrs Robinson deserves (and will be very much honoured by) such hearty (re)consideration surely :) .... 'Tis an Intoxicating disclosure :) Thanks so, Ian ... and odes to the lucky Benjamin(s).  


Who knows, perhaps this indicates a SFB return visit to London has edged just a little bit closer than it might otherwise have been.  


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