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John O'Brien style Body conditioning / dance classes


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Hi I'm looking for a class in the same style as John O'Brien used to teach at City Lit in London for years on a Monday and Friday morning  and also , in more recent years, at Pineapple. A fantastic combination of continual movement , stretching and ballet form both in the barre and centre. His classes were sometimes covered by someone called Tamara, who I think had her own school in SE London somewhere. Anyone know a class or who used to go to his classes I'd love to find out some more information. I went for years while I lived in London from the 90s to 2000s

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I think Alex Simpkins sometimes teaches such a class at Pineapple.


About a year ago in Nina Thilas-Mohs Sunday class at Danceworks, Mr Simpkins was in class (he's always such a lovely dancer to watch & learn from in class) and Nina mentioned he'd be doing a series of classes based on John O'Brien's style. We actually did a couple of exercises at the barre based on the O'Brien methods f continuous flow of port de bras. Lovely stuff!

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