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Urdang Accelerate Anyone?


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Hi there! 


Was just wondering if anyone attends, has attended or knows anyone who attends Urdang Accelerate sessions? I keep seeing it advertised and obviously am aware that Urdang have a great rep, but it's pricey and I can't find much information on it even from their own website. 


Merry Christmas everyone x

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18 hours ago, Tikijnr said:

Thank you! I've even tried emailing and don't get a reply, yet they advertise spaces on Facebook. I cant even find out what hours they run. Thank you for replying. 

Hi. I’m not too sure on your timeline for emails  but Urdang broke up for the holidays on the 13th Dec and don’t return until the 6th Jan which could go someway to explain the lack of response. 🤞🏼

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