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“Nutcracker” on Radio 3

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Very enjoyable again - it was featured on Pick of the Week, right at the start, and very unusual to  have a repeat programme flagged up in this way.  Nutcracker is doing well with this, Building a Library, and the repeat showing of Dancing the Nutcracker on Christmas Day.

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4 hours ago, Janite said:

thank you for posting Sebastian, that was intersting.


Indeed. However, caveat emptor. The fact that Tom Service can get through half an hour on Radio 3 without once mentioning that the bulk of the choreography - and certainly the bit everyone remembers - is by Ivanov should make one wary. However I liked that the programme was done at all, and some of the musical selections were thoughtfully away from the obvious. 

For those who might like something more serious about the Nutcracker, here is a wonderful article by Damien Mahiet from 2016:
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