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Favourite non-ballet dance videos


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I know I'm posting dance in the 'not dance' forum, but it feels more appropriate here than interrupting the ballet chat...   As I have just 'broken up from work' for Xmas, as no doubt have others here, please entertain us all in our new found leisure time with your favourite clips of dance which is NOT ballet. I'd love to broaden my horizons.  I have a few in mind, and here's one to kick off.  This is my favourite contemporary dancer Fukiko Takase, accompanying Thom Yorke of Radiohead in his spin off project.  Fukiko is formerly of Company Wayne McGregor, where I always found her the dancer who drew my eyes on stage.  I love the contrast between the professional dancer and the singer (who is however well known for his idiosyncratic dancing) when they are doing parallel moves. 


Atoms For Peace Ingenue

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I have a couple of nominations, but coming more from the music side, than the dance:


almost anything fka Twigs does

ditto Christine and the Queens

Some of Bjork's videos are astonishing

'When Brave Bird Saved' by Laura Marling has some contemporary dance in it (and is a superb piece of work)

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