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Performance/acting workshops for ballet?


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Never done anything like that but seem to recall seeing one time that Masters of Ballet (I think?) held acting for dancers one day course once aimed I think c.age 12?

Perhaps also look at where ballet companies are performing as often hold workshops across various ages based on the current rep so would include the acting required to tell story of that ballet perhaps? I know BRB & ENB both hold Nutcracker workshops across age groups - lots of acting required in that ballet! 

New Adventures also....

Plus RAD run various courses that might be relevant around the country.

Good luck! 

Just acting look also at drama schools & National Youth Theatre 

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Just an idea you could purchase London Children’s Ballet DVDs, a couple of their ballets are free on youtube. I’m not sure if the movements demonstrated prior to the performance by company members are on the DVD, but your child will be able to see the way the company tell the story how they have specific movements. You could contact LCB and see if they are thinking of doing any more workshops, most are completed in primary schools in inner London I think but worth asking and the ladies in the office are lovely. 

Jane Eyre is particularly good in my opinion. 

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Emma - I owe you an apology I believe as I do now indeed think it was Ballet Boost I saw mentioned as holding an ‘acting for ballet’ workshop.... quite likely it was on this forum! Think it’s a great idea as so often the ‘best at the barre’ students can disappear when it comes to portraying a character in performance. And we must all remember dancers of all ages, shapes, styles & levels are needed to tell rounded stories! 

And great idea from Canary to watch LCB dvd’s to get a ‘heads up’ & hopefully be inspired! A bit of research always a top plan before going for any ‘job’! 

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