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POB étoile supports the strike movement

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For those who speak French, Germain Louvet, étoile of the Paris Opera, has just given an interview on why he is supporting the strike movement in France.  His arguments are intelligent, and very unexpected.  Thank God for young people  - they come up with fresh ideas!  In particular, he says that to understand universals, i.e., an entire society, its collective good, one has to understand specifics as well.  The Paris Opera pension scheme, he says, is not only the world's oldest - it is a microcosm of specificities, that enables one to understand why the firemen, policemen, hospital doctors etc. are out on strike too. 

This man has GUTS.  (Augustin Legrand, a film actor on the verge of quite the career, was blacklisted by film-producers owing to his having supported Les Enfants de Don  Quichotte, a society bringing aid to people living in Paris' countless tent-cities.  Legrand had to throw in the towel, and now runs a small restaurant). 




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