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Evan Louden promoted to Principal @ Scottish Ballet

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27 minutes ago, MargaretN7 said:

And Marcelino Sambé posted on instagram that that means four of the men from his school year are now Principals. 


So..........Matthew Ball, Evan Louden, Marcelino himself and Esteban Hernandez?

How are the women from that year group progressing? Anna Rose O'Sullivan and Yaoqian Shang are both First Soloists and 'going places'.......

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Christopher Hampson is obviously on a roll.  Barnaby Rook-Bishop was just promoted to principal on stage at the end of tonight's performance of The Snow Queen.  On the basis of tonight's performance, it's well deserved, and what's more he got to dance with three strong female leads.


I'm surprised no-one's written up anything about this new Scottish Ballet production.  Apart from a slightly underwhelming denouement (which is however followed by a touching final pas de deux), it's a wonderful festive offering, full of beautiful dancing, powerful set pieces which include a couple of nods to Fokine (Petrushka) and Ashton (Two Pigeons), a glorious stitched together Rimsky Korsakov score (including a virtuosic on-stage fiddler), and stunning designs courtesy of Lez Brotherston.  Well worth escaping England for on election night!

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