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Ian Macmillan

Instagram - a ballet dancer's best path to fame?

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1 minute ago, maryrosesatonapin said:

I posted the wrong link but have now corrected it.


The first is still about tags.


The second is clearly a fan account (and it says so it the bio).

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7 hours ago, maryrosesatonapin said:

 Osipova, surprisingly, has only 44.7K followers but she's well worth watching as she does post some delightful pictures and it gives an insight to her unusual but charming personality.

She used to have other account and was quite popular and seemed to try to utilize the Instagram tool in the past when she was in the relationship with Polunin. Then she deleted and vanished in the social media for a while and reopened another account just months ago.


Lantratov has a very interesting account. Some cute videos with Masha. Dont miss it!

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This post is a good example of how one can make your Instagram an engaging place for fans and not turn it into a walking billboard. Svetlana Zakharova is not oversharing, she's not really advertising anything (other than that cake which looks delicious) but it is a fun post that simply shares an experience and expresses gratitude towards her fans. 


This is another example: a nice peak into rehearsals and it does advertise an upcoming debut but not in an obvious way.



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