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Ballet school in (central-ish) West London


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Hi all, I’m looking for a recommendation for a ballet school in west London (W9, W2, W11, NW8) or Central London for a seven-year old. She is scheduled to do Primary RAD in March 2020 and I’d like to change school after this date. I’m open re syllabus. An organised school who do not do Christmas shows etc would be great. Thank you in advance (and if there is an archive of old posts where I should research this topic I’d be grateful to be pointed in that direction). Thank you again, T

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Thank you Anna. Sadly it’s not (esp mid week); it’s only 3.5 miles from where I am (St Johns wood side of Maida Vale) but a dreadful journey regardless of transport method!  If in years to come my little one gets serious about ballet I’d consider it but not now.... but thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to post 

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