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Behind the scenes at the Ballet- Wardrobe

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I recently visited the National Ballet of Canada's wardrobe department, who are busy building John Neumeier's Nijinsky for performances in March. The wardrobe people inspire me with awe. NBOC is one of the very few companies in N America who have a major in-house wardrobe production department, and other companies rent their productions: Onegin (either the new version or the old one) Merry Widow, The Dream, Cranko's Romeo and Juliet and Taming of the Shrew, La Fille mal Gardee and many others performed just about anywhere in North America (I'm guessing ABT's Month in the Country next May too), are the excellent handiwork of the NBOC. For my full report, please visit my blog post.

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The wardrobe people inspire me with awe.


Me too. I've seen the departments both of English National Ballet and the Royal Ballet, and am amazed at what they do - and sometimes the hours they keep to make sure everything is ready in time.

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