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Vegan character shoes?


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3 minutes ago, The_Red_Shoes said:

I know that there are vegan ballet shoes around, but has anyone come across vegan character shoes? Specifically for a child doing RAD exams - so the usual shoes are canvas, not a problem, but have suede soles.

Have you considered contacting Freed? 
Years ago I sourced bespoke shoes from them for a show I was producing. Competitively priced. They were a variation of a ballet shoe, with a low heel. Character shoes are no different really. 
or alternatively contact RAD direct as they are the ones that set the uniform requirements. 
Good Luck.
They have to be more budget friendly than the vegan tap shoes currently on the market 😉


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9 hours ago, The_Red_Shoes said:

Well the RAD has said to wear outdoor shoes as long as they make the right sound. I suppose the various manufacturers will respond eventually, once there's enough of a demand.

I happened to be looking for a low heel pair of shoes for my daughter's upcoming MT auditions.  Deichmann had a few pair,s of character style shoes,there is an option to filter by non leather so possibly something suitable on there. 

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I know these are not the sort of character shoes the OP is looking for, but just in case it is helpful to anyone else I thought I would mention that Bloch Kickline shoes are nearly vegan. The soles and uppers are fully synthetic but apparently Bloch cannot guarantee that the glue is. 

There seem to be more vegan ballet shoes, both flat and pointe, than there were even a few years ago so I am sure it is only a matter of time before manufacturers catch on to the fact that people want other styles too. It isn't that long ago that my vegan friend had to get her DD's ballet shoes imported specially imported but now they seem to be fairly mainstream.

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