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Merlet DIVA pointe shoes


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My dd is currently wearing these, as at the time of fitting they were the best of the bunch for her. But she isn't quite sure she likes them or not. They are in some ways similar to Gaynor Mindens, though look a bit more refined, I'd say. They have the feature of not needing to be broken in, but my dd finds the feel of them a bit frustrating in that respect. Very stiff on the foot. The shank also comes up rather high on the foot, which seemed fine at fitting but on a daily basis has felt too high for her. So I doubt we'll choose them a second time - probably back to Freeds next!

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My DD has similar experience to the one above. They looked lovely on her foot but she found the rolling through foot hard...

Currently getting on very well with R-Class bought from The Dancers Room in Lichfield (formerly Stardust) Was originally fitted but now gets them posted out to her... on about pair no 5 so think she must be happy with them! 

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The Diva has a very long vamp and a wedge of gel in the bottom of the shoes. These are two things we find people either love or hate. The gel can be pulled out, but the vamp is what it is!

The Diva is a beautifully made shoe, with an integrated suede tip. They’re good for reining in bendy feet, but quite often we’ll see people pulling back on pointe, causing a break in the line of the foot as they battle to get fully on to the platform.


The shank is man made and just like a plastic ruler, if bent back and forth for long enough, it can snap. The shoe is available in a hard shank version. 


The standard width is a C, and it’s quite a square shoe, so we don’t often need to go up to a D, but quite often fit the narrower B width.

If you like the shoe but battle with the vamp, it’s worth trying the Cloe, it’s sister shoe, similar features to the Diva, but a lower vamp. 

The shoes are made in France and supply time can sometimes be an issue but they’re very helpful and if customers have unusual shoe sizing, we try to keep spare pairs in the shop ready for you!


I hope this helps somebody :)

Sheila x

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A year or so ago I stopped wearing Freeds as I was getting through them far too quickly and they were costing me a fortune; they were only lasting me a few hours but the fitter in the Freed shop was adamant that my particular maker in a Classic Pro (xxx width) was the right shoe for me despite the fact that the maker was known to make a light shoe. In a few months I tried several new brands, including the Merlet Diva which I rather liked. I have a strong, square foot but can struggle to get my right (weaker) foot over the box. Didn't have that problem with the Merlets, found them easy to dance in and very comfortable, especially compared to some Russian Pointes I tried in the same period which really didn't agree with me and flayed the skin off my feet very high up (where you would get a bunion but on the outside of the foot if you see what I mean - above the little toe). The Merlets lasted well and in fact there was still wear left in them before I moved on into Bloch European Balance Strong, which I stayed in as I love them and they're perfect for me. 

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My DD has been using them since last August. I took her for a pointe shoe fitting while in Brussels. She has been looking for the right pointe shoes for the last 4 years!! She's been trying on different brands and different models but was never happy. All I can say is that finally she found her perfect match! She loves them! Founds them really comfortable so I highly recommend them. Sometimes it's hard to find online though 😥

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