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I've just had an error message while being asked to sign in.  I sent a message to the administrator, as I thought I had either forgotten my password or my login name, but it would seem I have logged in ok.  Was the error message a mistake of some sort?

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I have had intermittent problems with this.  Just now I got onto the site and it showed I was not logged in.  However when I moved to the second forum I was suddenly logged in!  Very strange as it still highlighted the discussions I had read - but not in the first forum.  No idea why.

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I think the error is coming up for no good reason. I have had it too, using Chrome

If you use the drop menu at the top right corner (by your profile icon), there is an option to actually logoff completely. Use that, then sign in afresh, and that seems to sort it

Or, if you use a different browser, this sets up a fresh profile, which seems immune from these problems

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